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there is a glass bottle on top of a black base with the words soda bottle bell jar below it
Cloches Made From Soda Bottles
This classy display case is made from a plastic soda bottle! Also known as a cloche it’s a fun way to display all kinds of things! We have several examples for you too!
the words glitter how to use and organize it
How to Use & Organize Glitter
Glitter can be messy to work with but we’ve got some great hints and tips for you that make it a lot easier on use and cleanup! Learn how to use and organize glitter easily. If you're a crafter you're gonna love this!
the star wars family command center in my family
Star Wars Family Command Center
Make a Star Wars Family Command Center! Use our free printable quote and planets for magnets. Then you too can say "The Force is Strong in My Family"!
hanging wood signs with free printables and instructions
DIY Wood Hanging No Soliciting Signs (Free Printables)
Make these small eye catching wood no soliciting signs that easily hang on windows or doors. A 1.5" wood slat and our free printables will get you started!
Cinnamon not only tastes and smells good it has many health benefits. We'll show you how to easily and cheaply make your own cinnamon oil. Free labels too! Lavender Skincare, Diy Extracts, Cinnamon Benefits, Homemade Essential Oils, Making Essential Oils, Homemade Oil, Smells Good, Cinnamon Oil, Essential Oils Herbs
It's Easy to Make Cinnamon Oil! | Our Peaceful Planet
Cinnamon not only tastes and smells good it has many health benefits. We'll show you how to easily and cheaply make your own cinnamon oil. Free labels too!
a wooden log with a chalkboard on it and a yellow flower
Make a Countdown from Wood Slices | Our Peaceful Planet
These little wood slice items prove that countdowns are NOT just for Christmas! You can use them for any occasion you’re looking forward too. It could be someone special coming to visit. Maybe it’s another type of holiday that you especially love. Or the days until school is out! You can make them in any theme you want. We’ve got three different types that we made… and yes we did include one for Christmas.
a plastic container filled with cheetos sitting on top of a wooden table next to a chain link fence
Outside Snack Holder DIY (CD & Plastic Cup)
What a fun and clever way to hold snacks outside for a party, event or even just sitting alone in a lawn chair enjoying the view! Grab a dowel, a plastic cup and an old CD or DVD and you can make them match any color or theme. Kids and grownups alike will get a kick out of them!
a bowl of macaroni balls next to a glass of milk on a table
Quick Healthy Plant Based Maca Energy Balls Snack Recipe
Learn how to make a delicious vegan snack using our quick healthy plant-based maca energy balls snack recipe.
two door hangers with the words speak friend and not pass
DIY Gandalf You Shall Not Pass Door Hanger
Free printable pattern to make this double sided Gandalf You Shall Not Pass door hanger with Speak Friend and Enter on the back. Made from foam board!
school supplies with the words 10 must have school supplies on it and in front of them
Must Have Kids School Supplies
These must-have kids school supplies for elementary school kids will always be necessary. Make your back-to-school shopping easier with this list of 10 must-haves for a successful school year. Help your student be prepared for a great school year with the help of Made with Happy.
Road Trip Tips for Families
Discover essential road trip tips for families to ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey. Learn how to plan ahead, pack efficiently, and keep kids entertained during long drives. This guide covers everything from choosing the best snacks and creating a travel-friendly playlist to planning fun stops along the way. Follow these tips to make your family road trip a memorable and stress-free experience.
a white plate topped with pizza covered in toppings
Pita Pizza Kit & Recipe
These mini pizzas are quick to make and so yummy and good for you! We should how to create kit full of simple ingredients to keep in your fridge. Then when you want one just assemble, bake and eat. They also freeze wonderfully after assembled. Then you can pull them out and put them straight into the oven!
a white plate topped with beans and potatoes
Polenta Mexi-Meal Delicious Mexican Recipe
Polenta is incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide variety of recipes. This one is a mexi dish that is healthy and full of flavor! If you want to save money you can try making the polenta yourself. We’ve linked to some recipes!
the best homemade oreos recipe on a white cake stand with chocolate cookies and cream filling
Best Homemade Oreos Recipe 2024 |
Best Homemade Oreos Recipe 2024 |
there is a cake plate with cookies and pictures on the top, along with two hearts
Inexpensive Lovely Serving Platter
Here’s a fancy looking serving platter that doesn’t have a fancy price. It’s made with clear plates and cups that I purchased at the Dollar Store. Add some artificial flowers and ribbon and you’ve got a beautiful platter! I put photos on mine.