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an old rusted pipe sticking out of the side of a blue and red building
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Ancient storm drain by Ian Cameron
a black and white photo of a ballerina
Sin título | Flickr: Intercambio de fotos
three different views of a white bowl with wavy designs on the sides and in the middle
Coral and Coastal Inspired One of a Kind Handmade Creamy White Vessels and Vases by Judi Tavill Ceramics #moderncoastaldesign #luxurybeachhomedecor
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes in the background, including lines that appear to have been distorted
curated contemporary art /// justin margitich
paintings by justin margitich
an old red door with rusted metal handles
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Red patina
an image of a blue and green object with lots of bubbles on it's surface
Lamarck - Sea Urchins (detail 1)
Jean Baptiste (Pierre Antoine) de Monet, Chevalier de Lamarck [1744-1829], Echinus 136—Tableau Encyclopédique et Méthodique des Trois Regnes de la Nature, Paris 1791-1798. From the pattern library of Photograph by D Dunlop.
a painting of a flower on a white background with lots of brown and green leaves
Botanical detail
botanical detail by Alicia Tormey
an abstract painting with bright colors and lots of bubbles in the water, surrounded by trees
Iris Scott
By Iris Scott | Oil on canvas | Finger painting | Originals and prints | | A small creek with pools of cool, aqua blue water streams through a glen thick with yellowing trees and green and red grass. #fall #forest #grass #nature #texture #painting #oils #fingerpainting #IrisScott
raindrops are falling on the surface of water
An Exquisite Paradox
an abstract painting with wavy lines and trees in the distance, on white paper art print
Handmade Watercolor Art by Yao Cheng
Green Hills ~ artist Yao Cheng, watercolor #art #journal
several bottles are lined up on a white background, and one is drawn in black ink
Creating texture with different types of cross hatching/stippling using the same object. like this as an assignment
a person holding a shiny metal object in their hand