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Hip Opening Stretches: Easy Flexibility Exercises
Feeling like a relaxing hip opener? Try these yoga exercises suitable for beginners and all levels. Do this routine 3x/week. Hold each stretch for 30-60 seconds each, or until you feel the tension melt: Deep Squat + Twist, Elevated Butterfly, Reclined Half Happy Baby, Happy Baby, Deep Breathing. The body follows the mind, so take those deep breaths throughout the stretching. Pin for later! Action Jacquelyn. Hip Opening Stretches: Easy Flexibility Exercises
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Lower body exercises
Personal trainer demonstrating cable machine workout exercises such as the cable pullover, kneeling cable wide grip row, kneeling single arm cable lat pulldown, single arm cable lateral raise, cable concentration curl, and kneeling cable face pull Strength Training Cable Machine, Women’s Cable Workout, Cage Workouts For Women, Cable Machine Workout Women, Smith Machine Workout Women, Power Cage Workout, Cable Machine Upper Body Workout, Cable Machine Shoulder Workout, Cable Machine Arm Workout
Upper Body Cable Machine Workout
This cable machine gym workout is designed for women who want to build muscle on the upper body. This exercise routine will work your arms, back, chest, and shoulders. Cable workouts are great for busy days at the gym because you only need a single piece of equipment for the whole workout! Convenience is key when the gym gets busy!