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three different types of film posters
Stunning brand identity by Spanish designer for creative production house @buumfilms 🎥 Mucho love 🤍 | Instagram
a black and white photo of a man walking on the beach with an odd pattern
a poster with the word spun on it in blue and black text, against a black background
design inspiration
an advertisement for the loved ones album, with different colors and font on it
Flyte band poster
three different posters with the words festival berlin in black and white, red and blue
Queersicht LGBTI-Filmfestival
the poster for an event in which there is a drawing of a demon on it
Ruido En Casa 2023
an old blue and white advertisement for anathena
Anathema, by Oblique Occasions
the poster for an upcoming show, akara is about to explore it's place
the devilman movie poster with an image of a demon on it's back
Devilman Crybaby Anime Poster -
Devilman Crybaby Anime Poster - this is part of my manga / anime series. You can find more on IG #anime #graphicdesign #manga #movieposters #netflixseries