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several boxes of different types of chocolates on a blue background with the word baker's written in large letters
Bahlsen Global Relaunch
an open book with lines and text on the cover, in pink and grey colors
Diseño Gráfico: 8 trucos de composición - SLEEPYDAYS
Diseño Gráfico: 8 trucos de composición - SLEEPYDAYS
a man walking past a building with posters on the wall behind him and his cell phone in hand
WeFly | Street visual identity
WeFly | Street visual identity by Alexander Plyuto 🇺🇦 for ooze on Dribbble
three different business cards with an image of a man talking on the phone and holding a bag
Premium frozen food packaging design Studio, Fruit, Inspiration, Food Packaging Design, Packaging Design
Premium frozen food packaging design
an ice cream bar with nuts and sprinkles next to it on a yellow background
Sammontana Gruvi Ice Cream Photography by Food Pirate Studio - World Brand Design Society
several packages of food are stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes
PetChoy Rebranding Sets Itself Apart From Other Pet Food Brands Through A Playful Identity
three bars of cereal on different colors and patterns
Sammontana Gruvi by Auge Design and Andrea Mastroluca in Gorgeous Packaging Design Collection
I specialize in designing premium packaging that will elevate your brand to the next level. I understand the importance of packaging
two packets of french pasta with chopsticks sticking out of them