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spinach ricotta baked chicken in a white casserole dish
Simple Baked Spinach Ricotta Chicken | Lemons + Zest
the 9 reasons you need to read characters to start a book
20 Characters You Need to Start A Novel
9 Surprising Reasons You Need 20 Characters to Start a Book If you think you have nothing to write about in your novel’s first chapter, think again: you have 20 people to introduce, and fast! Harry Potter and The Hunger Games each introduce 19 characters in their first chapter, and Twilight introduces a whopping 24.
a plot diagram with the words plot diagram written on it and people standing in front
Understanding Story Elements
FREE trips and resources to improve your effectiveness in teaching story elements. Mrs. Renz Class.
a blue poster with the words 11 weak words to cut from your novel on it
How To Effectively CUT WORDS From Your Novel | Abbiee
How To Effectively CUT WORDS From Your Novel + When It’s Okay To Use “Weak Words” | Abbiee | Writing Tips | Writing Advice | Editing | Passive Voice | Prose | Copy Editing | Revision | Novel |
a poster with different types of words and phrases on the front, in various colors
Blog | Allied Writers
Commonly Misused Words in Writing, and even more in speech xkx
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden desk next to a notebook and pen -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspsmkatayama Resources and Information.
We all know writing a novel is both physically and emotionally exhausting. But it’s also one of the most fun and exhilarating things you’ll accomplish. The thrill of writing “the end” is… breathless. Learn the basics from outlining to launching your novel! #amwriting #amediting #amrevising #amoutlining #authorlife #writerlife #author #writer #writerlythings #writing #outlining #revising #editing #writingphase
an info sheet describing the different types of aircrafts
How to Craft a Nuanced Antagonist
Are you writing a book? Struggling to create a compelling antagonist? I've compiled this list of writing tips, writing prompts and villain archetypes to help you along the way to creating a memorable villain that will stand the test of time! Click through for the full article...
an info sheet with instructions on how to use the internet for writing and using it
10 Terrific Writer’s Notebook Ideas to Inspire Creativity - Academic Writing Success
10 Terrific Activities for A Writer's Notebook-- A Writer's notebook is great way for you to develop your writing voice, come with new ideas and inspire your creativity. But, so you know how to get started and what you can do? Check out these writer's notebook ideas and start writing. #writing #creativewriting #writingtips #writingprompts #writinginspiration
the 8 laws of foreshaowing infographical poster for law school students and teachers
8 Foreshadowing Laws: How to Foreshadow Plot Right | Now Novel
Foreshadowing is one of the important devices writers use in plotting their novels. Share this handy infographic on using foreshadowing like an expert.
an iphone screen with the text 10 ways to hit you
five characters who should be in your story infographical poster - click to enlarge
Skip the love interest. Not everything revolves around finding a lover.
an image of a page with text on it
Saving grace for person who sucks as English. Aka me.