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a white plate with pink flowers on it
hot enamel
two pairs of earrings sitting on top of a piece of cloth next to each other
Cloisonné Enamel, Green Prehnite, 14k Gold Balls and Sterling Silver earrings
Designed by Nikoloz Gamkhitashvili. Hand made unique earrings. glass enamel, natural green prehnite stone. 585 Gold, hand engraved silver, oxidised sterling silver. Contemporary jewelry. designed in Lithuania. made in Lithuania 🇱🇹
a black and blue necklace with a woman's face painted on the inside of it
Sun & Moon necklace, sterling silver necklace, cloisonne enameled jewelry
two blue earrings hanging from a tree branch with small green dots on the earwires
Audrey Chapman on Etsy
pair of earrings with green and black buttons
Copper and Enamel Earrings