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knitted christmas ornaments hanging from strings on a table
an image of the words learn how to do punch needle today
Punch Needle for Beginners: Tutorial
someone is knitting on a piece of fabric with the words, your guide to punch needle crafting
Guide to Punch Needle Crafting – Cappers Farmer
three crocheted ornaments are shown with the words punch needle pattern
Sheep punch needle ornaments - DoodleDog Designs Primitives
Snag the pattern for these three adorable sheep punch needle ornaments. These Christmas ornaments are fast and fun to make. #punchneedle #punchornaments |
three small flowers are on the back of a white linen material with words that read 3 strand, 2 strand, and 6 strand
Floss Punched Three Ways...
Results for floss punched three different ways.
three crocheted santa claus, snowman and gingerbread man dolls with text overlay that says punch needle pattern
Jolly Friends punch needle pattern - DoodleDog Designs Primitives
three pumpkins made out of yarn sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to pine cones
True to Form...3 days late.
This time my excuse was the inability to scan my drawn patterns. Had to get a little creative and finally figured another way to do it ...
christmas ornaments are laid out on the floor with santa's hats hanging from them
someone is doing something with yarn and scissors
Learn How to Punch Needle
Want to learn how to punch needle? Learn about the supplies needed and see how to use a punch needle tool. If you can use a pencil, you can punch needle!