Catalunya Guided Walking Week

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there is a boat that is in the water near some rocks and plants on the shore
Coastline of Catalunya
an ocean view with rocks and trees in the foreground, and blue water on the far side
The Catalan coast
a dirt road surrounded by trees and bushes
Hiking in Catalunya
We hike mostly off-road, on beautiful tracks through forest, fields and along the coastline.
people are standing in front of an old stone tower with two flags on the top
a field with mountains in the background and green grass on the foreground, under a blue sky
Under a Catalan sky
an old stone building with a clock tower
Walking the extinct volcanoes
Join our next edition of our lovely, relaxing guided walking week in Catalunya, September 2021.
sliced up meat and fruit on a tray
Catalan cuisine
two people are walking down an alley way in the old town with stone walls and arched doorways
Santa Pau, Catalunya
a sign on the side of a stone wall with pictures of volcanos and lava
La Garrotxa volcanoes
a person holding up a green leaf in front of some dirt and grass with other plants behind them
Catalunya forests