Tony (Turtle) Perry

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a man sitting in front of a mixing desk
Pierce The Veil [Official Website] - Interactive Site
Pierce The Veil [Official Website] - Interactive Site
four different pictures of the same man with tattoos
Pierce The Veil>>> Let's all be fun and not tell Tony
an image of a man with tattoos on his face and the words not all heros sing
Tony Perry - Pierce the Veil
a man standing in front of a store holding a drink and smiling at the camera
sing me to sleep
Tony Perry... I think I never realized how cute he was before now, coz you know I'm head over ( not) heals for Vic...
Say Yes - Tony Perry Fanfiction - Say Yes - Chapter Thirty-Two
Oh my gosh!! Tony's smile and Jaime sticking his tongue out!! So adorable!! :)
a turtle sitting on top of a rock with the caption tony perry at a young age
Tony perry (:
a man with tattoos standing in front of a waterfall wearing a hat and tank top
Luxury fashion & independent designers | SSENSE
"-Tony" by pierce-the-veil-anons ❤ liked on Polyvore
a tweet that reads, if they ban moshing at warped i'm guna dress like a banana and start a mosh pit and call it a fruit salad
some kid came dressed as a banana last year when I went and got the suit signed by every band there. I think this is why xD
#tony-perry-smut on Tumblr
Tony Perry gif! :') He is my inspiration and he's so adorable<3
two pictures of a man making the middle finger sign with his hand and another photo of him
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Tony Perry
a man with tattoos on his arm holding a guitar
Tony Perry his smile inspires Vic <3
a man with his hands on his chest
HOLY CRAP! My heart melted... I swear I felt it.... It hurt so bad.. I'm crying now, but I'm happy that he made it :') tears of joy and tears of sadness :'(
two men are getting their tattoos done at the same time as one man is lying on his back
Tony Perry and Vic Fuentes
a man with tattoos giving the thumbs up sign while wearing a white shirt and black hat
How can Tony Perry look so amazing yet be trying to look ugly? I swear he's god
two men standing next to each other in front of a green building with tattoos on their arms
Tony Perry and Jaime Preciado