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a hand holding five different colored glass perfume bottles in it's palm, with corks sticking out of them
an astrology chart with the symbols for each zodiac sign and their corresponding meaningss
Astrology 101: Printable Astrology Cheat Sheet PDF - Digital Hygge
an old paper with some different symbols on it's back side and the words written in
Wiccan Symbols
a room filled with lots of plants and potted plants
A year ago I joined Reddit because I wanted to be in this sub. Thanks for being my inspiration 💚
the birth chart for an astro sign
M (@mercurialaries) on X
there are many things to draw in this drawing book, including plants and books on the page
BRB, putting Sigils everywhere! | Witch spell book, Witch books, Sigil magic
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The Witch Is In
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12 Awesome Health and Beauty Tips from Viral Posts