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two white horses pulling a carriage in front of an old stone building with a clock tower
Rothenburg, Germany Midieval walled city.
an old castle sitting on top of a hill
Isles of Albion
༺✿༺ Corfe Castle ruins, Dorset, England.
an old castle with a walkway leading to the entrance and water in front of it
Raglan Castle,Monmouthshire,Wales.Owned by Cadw.Castle was built in several phases, initial work occurring in the 1420s&1430s,a major phase in the 1460s,with alterations& additions at the end of the 16th c. The castle was built in stone,initially pale sandstone from Redbrook,&later Old Red Sandstone,with Bath Stone used for many of the detailed features.Like similar properties of the period, the castle of the 1460s was almost certainly designed to be approached&entered in a particular way.
an aerial view of a river running through a city with old buildings and trees around it
France, Aveyron, Brousse-le-Château
an artist's rendering of a castle in the middle of a body of water
Kenilworth Castle/Norman Castle
an artist's rendering of a medieval castle
Reconstrucción de castillo medieval
a castle model is displayed on a table
a model of an old castle with stone walls and windows, in the middle of a courtyard
Discover Rochester Castle in Kent | DiscoverMiddleAges
an artist's rendering of a medieval castle