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a hallway with two white doors and a mirror on the wall next to an entry way
the before and after pictures of a kitchen island with an open cabinet door on one side
How to: Remodel/Update Cheap Builder Grade Kitchen Island - DIY Makeover Renovation
there is a black door with the words sherylin - williams iron one on it
three doors in a room with carpeted flooring and two walls painted white, one is empty
How to Paint Your Interior Doors | Blooming DIY | Interior Decor and Projects
a black door and some pictures on the wall in a white room with wood flooring
5 Genius Ways to Customize & Update your Entryway • Emily Rone Home
a wooden bench sitting next to a white rug
a wall with three pictures hanging on it and two purses hanging from the hooks
Simple & Affordable Fall Entryway • Mindfully Gray