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a text message that reads, tupac once said just because you lost me as a friend doesn't mean you gain me as an enemy
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Jesus Christ is our Savior. He died for us all
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a woman laying in bed reading a book with the caption he wanted to read
Take this as a sign darling💗
Story time: I have joined a youth club recently and have fallen in love with a guy. Ive liked him for about a few weeks now and then we finally started to call more often, but as i go to know him more, i realised he is not the one for me, he used to be a Christian but he’s turned away from Christ, i kept thinking that maybe God sent me him to try and make him turn to Christ again, but its not mean to be. He hasnt spoken to me often anymore and I do miss him. We would always talk and now we barely do, i always beg God to give me his energy back, but he isnt the one, I am slowly allowing myself to drift away from him, doing the small things: silencing his notifications. he isnt the one God sent for me so im slowly learning a lesson trust Gods timing my loves. I love you all so much, God bles
a woman sitting at a table with an open book in front of her and the caption that reads, elizabethdry you say's amateur as if it was a dirty word
a text message with an image of a cat in the background and caption that reads,'when i watch other people my age, i see that they have kind of effortless
a tweet that reads, thank you for choosing to be with us on this friday night taylor would skip my own wedding if i had to
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