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an image of trees in the snow with red and white paint on it's walls
What Jane Saw: Photo
black and white photograph of water with trees in the backgroung, taken from an airplane
Tekla McInerney's Monotypes
Tekla McInerney | Mere series, 2014 | monotype
an abstract painting with black and red colors in the middle, on a dark background
Gallery - Paintings
Job Klijn. Abstract art. Moody and emotive 'Quiet, Please..'
an abstract painting with white and brown colors
"o.T." by maria kammerer, Abstract art, Painting
maria kammerer, "o.T."
an abstract painting with lots of colors and lines on the bottom half of it,
Gallery by Annette Schmucker
Annette Schmucker, "Abendglanz" Please click here to see a full view with additional information.
an abstract painting with green and blue colors
Lucid Marine | Acrylic on Paper | 30" x 22" Framed | 2008 - Alexander Salazar Fine Art
Lucid Marine 2008 Acrylic on Paper by Heidi Thompson
an abstract painting with lots of different colors
Abstract Paintings by Abstract Artist, Helen Shulman Recent Work | Helen Shulman
an abstract painting with blue, red and yellow colors
Abstract, Contemporary art - portfolio acrylic abstract paintings, abstract acrylic painting on canvas, acrylic abstract painting ideas
Abstract, Contemporary art - portfolio