Steampunk mixed media art

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a clock made out of metal with gears on it
an artistic metal artwork on a wooden surface
Altered paintbrush mixed media | Mixed media canvas, Mixed media ...
a close up of a metal object with words on it and flowers in the middle
an old metal box with gears and other things on the inside, sitting on a carpeted floor
Steampunk Home Decor. Mixed Media Canvas to Sit on Your Desk | Etsy
an altered photograph with gears and other things on it
Creative Embellishments Blog
an old book with gears and letters on it's cover is being used as a postcard
Steampunk Notes and a swap!
an altered photograph with scissors and other things on the back side that is attached to a keychain
Tuesday's Texture - Featuring Rebecca Morris Mixed media art tag by Rebecca Morris via Marjie Kemper's Tuesday's Texture blog series, Week 32 /p3h5Xm-2OV
a tree made out of gears on top of a piece of paper
A Tree Canvas Trilogy
an abstract painting with lots of different things in the shape of a heart on it
an old metal clock sitting on top of a wooden bench
Perth International Mixed Media classes
a metal artwork with gears and letters on it's sides is displayed in a silver frame
Steampunk Altered "Scissors"