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paper christmas trees are hanging from the window
Новорічний декор
a vase filled with christmas decorations on top of a table
a christmas wreath with lights and ornaments hanging from it's sides in front of a mirror
Wonderful DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas36
a glass vase filled with branches and lights in the shape of a deer on top of snow
I took a vase, fake snow, a white glimmer reindeer, some silver tree branches, and some white pearl and flower decorations and some white christmas lights and made a winter wonderland to brighten up the dark days we are having here in Iceland More
a wooden sleigh decorated with pine cones and greenery
christmas decorations hanging from the banisters in a home's entryway, decorated with red and gold baubs
Hanging from stair rails quick and easy - getting tired of time consuming elaborate decorations
a kitchen sink sitting under a window covered in lights
a hallway decorated for christmas with lights and potted plants on either side of the door
#Weihnachtsdeko #Äste #Ast #Christbaumkugeln #Lichterketten
a silver deer statue sitting next to a christmas ornament on top of a wooden table
Love it-so cute
an image of silver vases with christmas decorations in them on the table and text that reads, great idea for displaying vintage tree toppers
Do it in white pots with red toppers, wrapped in moss and boxwood