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a small hut with grass roof and thatched roof on the side, in front of palm trees
100 Percent Solar Powered! | Binga Beach Resort - Palawan
We did it! After long last, we finally got electricity at Binga Beach! When we brag about being “off the beaten path” out here we’re not joking, there isn’t even any electrical grid for us to join even if we wanted to. So, the choice is either a big generator or a big #solar system. Being #environmentally conscious we’ve gone solar, of course.
a bathroom with blue and yellow walls, wooden floors and an oval bathtub in the center
Our hotel has been mentioned in one of the best Russian websites related to the tourism industry. We are chosen as one of the eco-hotels in the world. Thanks to
several people walking on the beach carrying items
Charity and Sustainability in the Philippines: Binga Beach Resort Lends A Helping Hand - Focus on Travel News
While international hotel chains contribute financially to local and international charity efforts, smaller resorts around the world are playing an increasingly important role in providing employment and inspiring communities. Set on a remote beachfront in Palawan, the Philippines, Binga Beach Resort is a new luxury ‘glamping’ resort. The Binga Beach Resort team has strong interest in giving back to the local people.
a group of people standing next to each other on a sandy beach with palm trees in the background
Lumambong Beach Conservation – Our Biggest Clean-up Yet!
Naturally it’s expected for us to clean the beach right in front of our own property for ourselves and our guests, but what about the other 1.4km span of beach? We’ve taken on keeping this whole big stretch of beach clean with our ambitious Lumambong Beach Conservation project, and this past Saturday was our biggest cleanup yet!
the front entrance to san clement airport, with an american flag flying in the background
How to fly to San Vicente Airport
At Binga Beach the opening of the San Vicente Airport was amazing news! Now guests can fly in and get to our resort via only a 45-minute drive on very newly constructed roads along the beautiful coastline.
Binga Barangay Basketball League Competition
A Fast Break! The Binga Beach Team are in 2nd place in the Binga Barangay Basketball League Competition.
two people are painting wood on the floor with paint rollers and a yellow brush
Construction at Binga Beach Resort
We've got you covered! Getting closer to finishing the floor....!
the view from top of a hill looking down at an ocean and beach with mountains in the background
This is my Binga Beach
Ain't no mountain high enough, Ain't no valley low enough, Ain't no river wide enough, To keep me from getting to Binga babe!
a person standing in front of a night sky with the words binga beach on it
Travel Guide and Adventure Stories: Binga, San Vicente, Palawan
Imagine a silent summer getaway in a remote beach located afoot a high mysterious mountain. Think about this – you just woke up, your friends are still asleep tired from last night’s star gazing, you opened your tent, and you are greeted with warm morning sun and an endless view of the ocean, sea breeze brushing your hair, soft powdery sand kissing your toes – isn’t it a dream? Yes, and this is also Binga Beach!
a man standing on top of a wooden structure holding a green object in his hand
Binga Beach Resort Construction
Binga Beach Resort Construction
two men standing next to each other on a dirt road
New Binga Beach T-shirts
We have special edition of Binga Beach T-shirts!
two puppies playing in the dirt with one laying on it's back and its mouth open
The best quote of the day!
You can always help with the Resort construction, but playing with your friend is a PRIORITY! Quotes by Rambo, the greatest dog of Binga Beach. #quote #dogs
four people sitting around a campfire on the beach watching the stars in the sky
Family is the best motivation in life.
Binga Beach Team support each other in their common goal to achieve.
four people sitting around a campfire on the beach watching the stars in the sky
Family is the best motivation in life.
Binga Beach Team support each other in their common goal to achieve.
a woman sitting on the bow of a boat in the middle of the ocean smiling
Follow your dream
I love travelling and I love my Binga Beach!