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a blue and white toy car sitting in the middle of a field with wheels on it
Поделки из автомобильных шин своими руками: фото, видео
Поделки из автомобильных шин
a toy truck is driving through a tunnel made out of rocks and wood mulchs
Creating An Outdoor Play Haven
Creating An Outdoor Play Haven More
three wooden benches made out of logs in the sand
Zig-Zag balance challenge #kids #backyard #playscapes
Varied and attractive childrens' play area garden design.
Children's Play Area designed for large private garden in Surrey
Varied and attractive childrens' play area garden design.
two pictures of a child's wooden play structure with steps and sandpit in the middle
Maxi Wooden Sandbox by Gaspo
tuck away sandbox... Good idea!
an outdoor area with wooden benches and a tree in the center, surrounded by green grass
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Playground Build & Design | Natural, Wood | EarthWrights
an outdoor play area with rocks, sand and water toys in the back yard next to a wooden fence
A Dry river bed instead of a traditional sand pit. Large and smaller river rock lining a sand river with tree stumps, ferns and toys
a slide that is in the grass next to some rocks
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Embankment Slide w/ sit down bar
two children playing in a wooden teepeed tent on a deck with the caption pin it
Pallets + Logs = Teepee for a Kids Playground • 1001 Pallets
Earthwrights creates fluid, linked, child-friendly habitats that encourage the natural flow of play. Their creations are inspired by nature, and the use of
a wooden walkway in the middle of a park
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a tree house built in the middle of a lush green yard with lots of trees
Nature outdoor play zone. This gives the children the opportunity to experience a different play environment. They are with this able to play with there environment, rather than within their environment. This helps them grow conscious of the beauty of their surroundings and the joys of outdoor adventure.
an outdoor garden with steps leading up to a cross
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there is a tire and some logs on the ground in front of a green fence
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Natural Woodland School Playground wooden play equipment - simple balance beam