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a pile of cards with the words, why do you use umbrella? and an image of
WH Question Flip Cards
an image of how to energize your therapy with quick amazing quiz games
three keychains with different shapes and words on them, hanging from the wall
Interactive Receptive Language Tasks - The Autism Helper
a poster with words and pictures on it that say no print, basic recipe language
Speech Therapy Apps for Adults | Speechy Musings
A place of inspiration for SLPs
a christmas tree with pictures on it and the words, freebied christmas catgeries
Christmas Categories {FREEBIE}
Speech Therapy Christmas Categories {FREEBIE} DIRECTIONS: Adorable Christmas trees and stars used to target sorting and naming categories. Merry Christmas! 1. Sort the items on the stars into the correct categories labeled under the trees. 2. Use the Christmas trees/categories and list as many items as you can in each group. 3.
Super Semantics: Therapy/Assessment Activity Therapy Assessment, High School Speech Therapy, Concept Map, Expressive Language, Figurative Language, Language Resources, Speech Language Pathology
Super Semantics: Therapy/Assessment Activity
Super Semantics: Therapy/Assessment Activity
the spring speech and language freebies are shown in this graphic file for students to use
Spring Speech and Language Bundle Preview FREEBIE
This FREE spring speech & language bundle preview includes print & go and low prep activities to target a variety of skills.
a hammer and some candy on top of a table with the words how i teach the eet
How I Teach the EET (Speechy Musings)
I’m fairly obsessed with the Expanding Expression Tool (EET). I love how it incorporates so many language skills into one functional tool that I can pair with almost any activity. In order to keep my
the early describing and categorizing worksheet is shown in this image
Categories, Describing, & More: Speech Therapy | Speechy Musings
A place of inspiration for SLPs