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a wall hanging made with yarn and pom poms
Pangea - AutumnLeaves....simple. Color choice and threads are lovely....:
an orange and green rug with trees in the background
Through The Forest tapestry by Louise Oppenheimer available at http://www.creativeartsgallery.com/art/tapestry-textile-art/through-the-forest/
a close up view of some kind of wire mesh with blue and gray lines on it
woven optical illusion honeycomb still stretched on the loom
the fabric has been stitched together with orange leaves
Behind the scenes: colour and materials - MaterialDistrict
3d textile
an old weaving machine with red and white yarn on it's sides, in the process of being woven
スリンゲル | スウェーデン織のアトリエから
an orange and black pattern on fabric
Elisabeth Hill: plainweave | deflected double weave
a woman is working on an old type of weaving machine with her hands and fingers
How to Double Weave
an intricate pattern on the surface of a bed sheet that has been made to look like it
Handweaving.net Weaving Drafts, Tools, and Documents Archive
Cotton Napkins - Weaving and Lace Gallery Item - Handweaving.net Hand Weaving and Draft Archive
a close up view of a blue and brown tie
Elizabeth Calnan Textiles
twill blocks
an orange and red striped fabric with purple lines on the bottom, in different colors
Weaving Projects
Image Close Up
two pillows sitting on top of a white table next to a black and white wall
Material Girl: Eleanor Pritchard Has a Way with Wool - Remodelista
Eleanor Pritchard pillows | Remodelista
an orange and brown checkered pattern on fabric
Close up - Danish draft - floats corrected
Close up - Danish draft - floats corrected | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
a piece of cloth with multicolored threads on it
Reinvented checks seen in Tessilgodi's A/W 15/16 collection at Première Vision, see an inventive use of mismatched techniques, weaves and finishes for extra originality and craftsmanship.