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three notebooks on top of each other next to thread and sewing needles in front of them
Mrs. Stitches
Three Mrs. Stitches notebooks that show their luminous threads on the covers with a sewing technique called Herringbone stitch.
a piece of paper that has been cut into with a circular hole in the middle
Search Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
an opened book with gold writing on the front and back cover that reads amlipos
MILTOS - A Brand of Fresh Chocolate From Japan to the World - World Brand Design Society
Yuta Takahashi Design Studio - MILTOS - World Brand Design Society / We have done total production including the branding, package design, web design, naming, etc. of MILTOS, which sends fresh chocolate from deep in the mountains of Ehime, Japan to the world.
a purple book with the word france on it
an open book with some type of writing on the front and back cover, sitting on top of a table
Die cut insert element, a detail of our book “L’art du possible”, history and values of the Imprimerie du Marais with visual elements that…
the new year is now written in gold
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the word love is written in black and pink
InPressco Imprimeur Créateur à Aix-les-Bains, Savoie 73
Serigraphie ton direct, imprimerie luxe | In-Pressco
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a white tablecloth covered floor next to a wall
Magpie Studio - Speaking in black & white. Thinking in colour.
Everleaf – Magpie Studio
the words save the date for aurora and steam are etched into the glass on the wall
Embossed letters and typography on crafted paper in green. Beautiful design and layout for wedding stationer or business card design.
several different types of paper cut outs on top of each other with letters and numbers
Ball & Doggett
Ball & Doggett | AGDA Awards
two stacks of money sitting next to each other on top of a blue tablecloth
Mooooncake Package 2019
Mooooncake Package 2019 on Behance
there is a woman sitting on the ground with mountains in the background
two business cards sitting on top of a red table next to each other with the word beryl written across them
three pink and gold business cards on top of each other, with the words spring / summer collection printed on them
Three60 on Instagram: “Ellery Invite #Three60”
a black and green business card sitting on top of a pink surface
This High-End Branding and Packaging Has Us Wanting a Trip to the Tropics ASAP
an open yellow book with eyes on it
Home - Atelier Dyakova
Atelier Dyakova
six business cards with the word flamingo printed on them
New Brand Identity for Flamingo by Bibliotheque — BP&O
✖ Brand Identity and blind emboss business cards for Flamingo by Bibliotheque, United Kingdom
blue business cards stacked on top of each other
an open book with some type of writing on the front and back cover, sitting on top of a table
an open book with red, grey and pink pages on it's cover sitting on a white surface
Reliure à la Bodonienne.
a close up of a book with the words charm bak on it's cover
Charming Baker – Lie Down I Think I Love You, 2013 (Publication) | Graphic Thought Facility
Charming Baker book designed by Graphic Thought Facility.
three pieces of white paper are laying next to each other on a yellow and gray surface
Alice Daily
Alice Daily
the letters are made out of pink felt
The 100% Human Collection
Women's Human Woman Cotton Muscle Tank in Double Print by Everlane in Muted Pink / Pink
three business cards sitting next to each other on top of a white surface with shadows
Mildred & Duck — Both
Sister, an architecture and interior design studio run by sisters Lauren and Amanda Martin, needed a strong identity to help position themselves as a new and confident studio in a competitive industry.
several different colored squares are arranged on top of each other
a white square coaster with the words, danke tur - line miraret bel gen solen and xox olympic
Otl Aicher / Munich 1972 Olympics / Ceramic Medal / 1972
a close up of a white card with gold foil on the front and back of it
Subtle embossings and gold foil details in @schiaparelli FW 2017 show invitation designed by @sprlvrs . . . . . #imprimeriedumarais #schiaparelli #embossing #foil #gold #fashion #paris #placevendome #madeinfrance #letterpressprinting #inspofinds #dailydoseofpaper
two pieces of paper with gold foil on them
acne studios graphics
acne studios graphics - Google Search
an orange and green folder sitting on top of a white counter next to a red envelope
11.4k Followers, 1,271 Following, 892 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Foreign Policy (@foreignpolicydg)
several pieces of paper with different type of text on them
Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation
Lux Naturalis Gala Invitation Graphic Design Print Design
five yellow stickers are stacked on top of each other
British Summertime Hospitality Packs
Pack includes: laser cut and laser engraved lanyard, 2 colour wrist band and set of matt laminated cards. Done for AEG, who were responsible for festivals in Hide Park- The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi and Lionel Ritchie.
four black boxes with pink and blue dots on them
TOUCH / Exhibition publication
TOUCH / Exhibition publication on Behance
a gold metal card sitting on top of a white surface with the name anaroma printed on it
Rose Gold Metal Business Cards
Rose Gold Metal Name Cards 4
three folded business cards sitting on top of each other
Press invite Autumn/Winter 2015
Press invites for Addition Adelaide Tokyo celebrating several seasons 2015-2016. Design by Homework.
three books are lined up next to each other on a table with a gray wall in the background
Massimo Dutti S/S 2015 Press Dossier