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a card with a cartoon character saying, you let your booby traps out again
a doctor is talking to a bear in the hospital
an older man sitting on a stool in front of a woman who is wearing a yellow dress
an old man laying in bed next to a little boy
One Night in Popeye’s Bedroom: A Cartoon by Todd Clark
a man sitting on top of a toilet next to a dog with its mouth open
The Far Side ❣️ | More join The Far Side ❣️
a cartoon depicting a man opening a wine bottle in front of a rack full of bottles
Wrinklies Cards - Comedy Card Company
an older woman laying on the ground in muddy water
Best Super Bowl Food Commercials
28 Ways You Identify With Dorothy From "The Golden Girls"
two women standing in a kitchen next to each other
Carol Burnett Mama Outtakes
two women and a man sitting on a couch