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there are two small pieces of glass on the table together, one is pink and one is blue
紫陽花 Ajisai - Hydrangea
a green leaf with pink and white flowers on it sitting on a table next to a water drop
販売中の上生菓子【雨あがり】 - 大和市 福田 桜の名所 千本桜 和菓子 みどりや
Japanese sweets titled "After rain"
two soaps sitting on top of a blue plate with pink flowers in the middle
★みどりや 春の和菓子★
Japanese Sweets
three pink flowers sitting on top of a wooden table next to a pair of scissors
春の上生菓子  ✿さくら✿ by しろぴよ
Sakura Namagashi : Japanese recipe (Site is written in Japanese)
three desserts on a white plate with silver spoons in the background and pink table cloth
Sakura Jelly
mirror chocolate base and champagne glee with strawberry basil confetti for new years dessert plating
three small plastic fish sitting on top of a piece of paper with japanese writing in the background
和菓子教室~卯月 | Fuwa pon pon*
koinobori : wagashi
three different colored flowers on a black plate
Nipponia nippon
Japanese sweets, hand-made for tea ceremony
there are many different types of flowers in the box
和菓子屋の話 引網香月堂の画像|エキサイトブログ (blog)
Edible art - Japanese sweets, Chrysanthemum, from Toyama, Japan 菊尽くし 引網香月堂
there are many tortilla shells with googly eyes on the top and bottom
可愛い☆カメロン パートⅡ by あさえもん
Turtle Buns (cookpad), Japanese Recipe With Photos (us Google translator)
several cubes of soap sitting on top of a blue cloth in a glass bowl
Kanten Jelly #5
Strawberry kanten - Kanten is a jell-o like dessert that is low-cal, high in fiber, magnesium and other minerals and also vegan, since it is made from agar agar instead of animal protein. Here featured with real pureed strawberries. Yummy!
four pieces of food with green leaves and white flowers on them, sitting next to each other
the loveliness of lily of the valley - Pour Monsieur, né au coeur du mois de Mai :)
a small white cat sitting on top of a black plate next to a green drink
By Masahiro Makino
some kind of purple dessert on a plate with mint leaves and powdered sugar in the middle
Japanese cakes.
a bowl of green soup next to a purple flower on a wooden plate with leaves
バレンタインデーとスミレの花 | プチパニエ 日々
Japanese sweets, Wagashi with matcha tea