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an image of the inside of a shell
Shells & Fossils
#shells-and-fossils #abalone #shell #seaside #sea shells
an image of some plants with purple and yellow stems
Incredible Images Show Life Magnified by as Much as 50,000 Times
an image of colorful corals and other marine creatures in the ocean with blue, green, pink, and orange colors
Lobophyllia coral
Vertical Abstract Prints - Microworlds Photography
green beads are arranged in the middle of a pattern
Kitchen Greenery — Verity Jayne
an animal cell is shown with purple and white cells on it's surface, as well as other things
Squash an Onion and Learn the True Age of Your Cells
an image of some orange and green cells
Our plant images featured at Cell picture show this week
Getting in shape: Cells of an embryonic leaf of a fluorescent Arabidopsis thaliana line used for in vivo measurement of cell growth and gene activity (in planta cytometry)
an image of some green plants under the microscope lens
Sea slug steals the ability to photosynthesis like a plant from algae
The slug incorporates chloroplasts, shown above in plant cells, into the cells of its own digestive system
some green leaves are growing on the surface
Hornwort cells
The cells of hornworts are unlike those of other green plants. They contain only one or a few very large chloroplasts, which capture light for photosynthesis. These cells of Anthoceros are about 50 micrometres in diameter.
an animal's skin is shown in this image
Turquoise Texture of a Cell Wall - Photo | Dave Bullock / eecue
an image of some green plants that are under microscope glass, showing the structure of their leaves
The Ultimate Solar Cells
Beyond the Human Eye: Chloroplasts
an image of a cell phone with many different things on it, including the cells
Nerve cells, SEM - Stock Image - P360/0216
Nerve cells, SEM
some green plants are growing inside of glass blocks with water droplets on them, as if they were floating in the air
Science on X
the structure of an animal's cell is shown in blue and green light,
Asparagus root stele | 1989 Photomicrography Competition
Nikon MicroscopyU | Digital Image and Movie Galleries: Small World Competition