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a sign that says you don't say? in front of a desert road
Dead Head Cake
two different memes with the caption saying why do i hear people talking because you have ears?
And I have my sarcastic face, packing sand of a beach!
a black and white photo with the words sir can i help you? no, i just waited in line 30 minutes to say hi
5 Memes for Book Nerds
a facebook page with an image of a man smiling and the caption you don't say
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an image of two people with different expressions on the same page, and one is telling them
You Don't Say?
two books with the words, you don't say healthy lifestyle makes women less likely to
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an advertisement with the words you don't say on it, which is in red and
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a computer screen with the caption'no, it's f - king terrible '
Super funny humor laughing so hard hilarious lol dads ideas
an image of a man that is looking at the text on his face and it says, you don't say non - ferroous metal
an image of the face of a man in front of a computer screen that says, you don't say?
an image of a tv screen with the caption that says, you don't say
a sign that says warning no swimming if you can't swim and you don't say
You Don't Say?