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an elephant and its baby are on the moon with stars in the sky behind them
an embroidered snowflake is shown in the snow
Intricate Ice Snowflake 2 (Bluework)
Intricate Ice Snowflake 2 (Bluework)
a snowflake is shown with leaves on the bottom and green in the middle
Drift II - organic geometric
. #facepaintingbooth Ancient Art, Portraits, Larp, Portrait, Shamanism, Sacred Masculine, Pagan, Voodoo, Druid
. #facepaintingbooth
a drawing of a woman laying down with her eyes closed
Chapter 13: The Salt Monastaries
Chapter 13: The Salt Monastaries. When Jarl and Knud discover Astrid's connection to the goblins Astrid struggles to suppress the dark voices in her head.
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I want this to be my life so much. The Muses could for sure turn a tense situation around with a musical number
two chickens standing next to each other in front of a fence with captioning