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a poster with instructions on how to use the zodiac sign for astrological purposes,
What Should I Write About: 22 Writing Prompts to give you BIG IDEAS
a poster with the words change paragraphs when written in black and white on it
Online Printing Services
a text message that reads, pre - relationship things for your ships
the ten possible reasons why your scene feels flat text on gray background with black and white photo
ten reasons your scene could be flat
the book cover for how to end your book, with an image of a snake on it
Plan your book's ending
a poster with the words what makes a good villain?
Genre Mindmaps | creative writing blog
an iphone screen with the text'do you even see how tall you are? '
an image of the words in different colors
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some ways to introduce characters by saying them about the character's actions and their roles
Some ways to introduce characters-iy By saving them By meeting them through a mistake/ drunken incident Through an event/ special occasion eg. Funeral, wedding, birthday etc Being introduced to them through other friends By doing a good deed, thus causing the favour to be returned By getting placed in a group together By picking on them/ assaulting them out of rage By getting sent to them on a quest of sorts Through average day to day activities - iFunny
the different types of hair colors are shown in this graphic style, including brown, red, and black
Image about text in writing📝 by Susi Kapol on We Heart It