Dorm Room Packing List Freshman Year

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the college dorm room packing list includes bedding essentials, pillows, and blankets
The Ultimate Guide To Basic Dorm Room Essentials - By Sophia Lee
I 100% recommend this dorm room essentials for girls ideas list if you’re looking for where to start with dorm room shopping! I started shopping for my dorm room essentials with this list and it helped me out SO much!!
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15 Items I Regret Buying For My College Dorm Room
I used this list of what not to bring to college when I was moving into my freshman dorm room last year and it helped me so much!! I had so many questions about college but this made the move 100x easier.
dorm packing list
What Not To Buy For College: 15 Things You Can Leave At Home
I had no idea that a list of what not to bring to college dorm would be so helpful in moving and packing for college! I used this list to help me pack for my upcoming freshman year dorm room and it was seriously a life-saver.
a bedroom with the words what not to bring to college 15 things to leave at home
What NOT To Bring To College - By Sophia Lee
Use this list when you're moving into your dorm freshmen year and I promise you, your life will be so much easier!!
a woman sitting on top of a bed with her arms in the air and text overlay that reads 40 dorm room essentials for freshen 2012
Must Have Dorm Essentials List For College - By Sophia Lee
The list of dorm essentials that will absolutely save your life during move in!
a woman standing in the middle of a dorm room with her arms up and legs spread out
All Of The Dorm Room Essentials For College Freshmen 2024 - By Sophia Lee
These are suchhh good essential ideas!! Definitely recommend using this so you aren't super stressed moving into your college dorm room.
a closet filled with lots of clothes and shoes
College Dorm Hacks Freshman Year 2023 - By Sophia Lee
Dorm hacks no one tells you about and everyone should!! These will change your life, I seriously wish I knew about these while I was moving into a dorm because they would have made the move 100x easier.
a woman standing in her dorm room with the words what to actually bring to college
The Best College Dorm Room Essentials List 2023 - By Sophia Lee
Take allll of the stress out of moving into your college dorm room with this list! It will make the move so much easier and you will be so grateful, I promise :)
the very best college dorm room checklist is here and it's easy to do
The Best College Dorm Room Checklist For Girls - By Sophia Lee
If you need help figuring out what to bring to college next year, this checklist will be so helpful for you!! It saved my life when I moved to college last year.
a woman sitting on her bed with the words everything you need in your college dorm
The Ultimate College Dorm Packing List - By Sophia Lee
This is the absolute best college dorm packing list that I can't get enough of. If you are going to college this fall, you need to check out this college dorm packing list as soon as possible!
two beautiful young women sitting on top of a bed next to each other in a bedroom
The Best Dorm Essentials You Will Be Obsessed With - By Sophia Lee
These are the BEST dorm essentials that college freshmen everywhere are obsessed with. I am so happy I found this before I went to college and that I was well-prepared!
a white bed topped with lots of pillows next to a wall covered in animal print
The Dorm Essentials You Need In College - By Sophia Lee
This is the best list of dorm essentials! If you don't know what to bring to college, you need to check out this page.
a bedroom with white bedding, pink rugs and a wicker lamp hanging from the ceiling
The Best Dorm Essentials Of 2022 According To A College Sophomore - By Sophia Lee
If you're looking for dorm essentials, you're in luck! These are some of the best recommendations I have seen as a college student. photo courtesy of Evin Photography
a woman sitting on top of a white bed in a room with pink and white decor
The Best Dorm Essentials Every College Freshman Needs In 2022 - By Sophia Lee
Looking for the ultimate list of dorm essentials for college students in 2022? You're in luck! This post is all about the dorm essentials that current college students swear by.
a woman sitting on top of a bed next to a white dresser and lamp with the words 55 dorm room essentials you'll need in 2020
65 Essential Things I Brought To College
I just had to share this checklist because of how much it helped me when packing for what to bring to college! Seriously SO helpful...