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a person using a wood carving tool to cut out the top of a piece of fabric
HTTYD2 Hiccup armor for my 6yr old for Halloween 2014
there are pictures of different shoes being made
Quick Shoe Armor Tutorial
Foam Cosplay, Foam Props, Foam Carving, Mandalorian Cosplay, Prop Making, Cosplay Tutorial
Turning Foam into Metal | Painting Tutorial
a pair of wedged shoes sitting on top of a table
Cosplay #32 | WORBLA: O Material dos Sonhos
Cosplay #32 | WORBLA: O Material dos Sonhos | Mega Hero | Há um herói em todos nós
a bookshelf full of books with the words how to self - push your book and actually sell it
How to Self-Publish Your Book and Actually Sell It
four different types of gold paint on the floor with instructions for how to use it
5 Ways to Use Mod Podge for Cosplay
two pairs of leather pants and one pair of leggings with studded paint
Leather Painting Tips
Cosplayer April Gloria is working on pants for a Ciri costume from The Witcher, and she shared a post about how she weathered the pants. Leather — like any fabric or material — can be a…
Crafts, Diy Leather Armor, Foam Cosplay Diy, Eva Foam Armor, How To Make Leather, Cheap Cosplay
Tuesday Tips for Cosplay - Creating fake leather out of EVA foam
the sculpture is being made and ready to be put together
Wonder Woman boots
the back of a woman's corset made to look like an armor
a pair of boots that are on display in a glass case with people behind them
Wonder Woman's new costume on display at Comic-Con: Check out her gladiator heels
a piece of art that looks like an iron man suit on a white wall with brown leather straps
Wonder Woman Bracelets Part II
Wonder Woman bracelets are finally complete! My last post, here , showed how to make the hand wrapping that goes under the bracers. I ...