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the diagram shows different types of boats in various stages and sizes, with their names on them
Archaeology and Pottery – Ritaroberts's Blog
a brown bowl sitting on top of a table
green leaves are arranged in the shape of flowers
Global Views Free Formed Lily Plate, Size: XL
a green bowl sitting on top of a white pedestal next to a wooden twig
Fall 2016-Plans for a new ceramics study
two lemons and one lime in a green bowl on a wooden table with leaves
Decorative Plates & Bowls
Ветер перемен. Сообщающиеся сосуды. Трансцендентное соприкосновение. Мир непосредственной эманации. Установка. Управление. Течения. Излияния, стремящиеся к совершенству и исходящие из него к прообразу.
two hands holding a large green leaf shaped plate
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Feuilles .
two metal bowls sitting on top of a table next to scissors and paintbrushes