4th of July Treats

Quick and easy ideas for July 4th
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a cupcake decorated with grass and watermelon
a white bowl filled with cherries and blueberries on top of a wooden table
Dipped blueberries and cherries in white chocolate.
a cupcake with red, white and blue sprinkles on it's wrapper
Cupcake with patriotic cupcake wrap.
red, white and blue cupcakes on a plate
Patriotic Cupcakes
Candyland Crafts Blog: Patriotic Cupcakes
some kind of cake with red, white and blue sprinkles on it
Rice krispy treats drizzled with red, white and blue chocolate.
ingredients for rice krispies treats displayed on red and white background with text that says rice krispies treats
Patriotic Rice Krispy Treats
Candyland Crafts Blog: Patriotic Rice Krispy Treats