Christmas Cake and candy ideas

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a green bucket filled with candy canes and white frosted santa clause on top
Santa's Mustache Centerpiece.
a dessert in a martini glass on a red background
Popcorn and white chocolate
a gingerbread house decorated with christmas decorations
Large chocolate house.
two snowmen made out of toilet paper on a red background
Snowman Oreo cookie.
a cupcake decorated with white frosting and green sprinkles on top
Candy and cupcake favor.
an assortment of cake toppers with santa and other holiday decorations on green paper background
Christmas Cake Pops.
a cupcake with white frosting and blue icing topped with lots of silver balls
Snowflake Tree Cupcake.
an assortment of christmas cookies on a stick in a box with the words candy factory
Christmas cookie pop pan.
a red and white snowflake is shown on a red tablecloth with the words candylandcrafts com
Snowflake Cupcake.
a martini glass filled with candy and covered in sprinkles on a red background
Christmas Cake Balls.
a group of christmas decorations on top of a red table cloth with snowflakes and trees
Assorted Christmas Lollipops.
a pile of plastic buttons with christmas decorations on them
Christmas Oreo Cookies.
Holly and Dragees cupcake. Statement Necklace
Holly and Dragees cupcake.
candy canes are arranged in the shape of christmas candies and candy canes
Chocolate dipped candy canes.
four chocolates in a box decorated with christmas decorations