Easter Candy and Cake idea's

Sweet ideas for your Easter
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a cake decorated with easter decorations and chocolate bunny, eggs, flowers, and other candies
Chocolate lollipops.
a bunch of fake carrots that are decorated like animals and people with candy on them
Molded chocolate pretzels.
two bunny and rabbit shaped cookie pans next to each other
Easter bunny pan.
there is a cake decorated with easter eggs
Chocolate basket.
a pink cupcake with blue frosting and bunny ears on top is sitting on some glitter
Bunny ears cupcake.
there are many cupcakes and cakes on the table
Peeps cupcakes and cake.
a chocolate bunny sitting on top of a purple sheet
Traditional dark chocolate 3-D bunny
an easter bunny sitting in a basket with eggs and flowers on it's side
3-D white chocolate bunny with tulips.
four colorful candy lollipops with leaves on them
Chocolate bunny ears.
a chocolate bunny with carrots in it's mouth
3-D chocolate bunny with carrots.
a chocolate bunny driving a tractor with a bow on it's head in the shape of a rabbit
3-D bunny on tractor.
a white ceramic sheep with a pink bow around its neck on a purple background that says candylandcrafts com
3-D white chocolate lamb.
a chocolate chicken with a bow on it's head
four decorated cookies in a box with bunny and rabbit faces
Chocolate Oreo cookies and chocolate bunny faces in a fancy box.
a cake with lots of different types of candies and decorations on top of it
Assorted Easter chocolate lollipops
a cupcake with green frosting and an easter bunny on top
Jumbo cupcake decorated like an Easter garden.
two cupcakes decorated with icing and decorations
Easy Easter cupcakes
two decorated cookies sitting next to each other
Double Easter cookies. (Stacked)
two bunny and carrot shaped treats on sticks with fake flowers in the middle, one for easter
Pretty Easter/spring molded pretzels.
three different colored birds sitting on top of a white table covered in confetti
Peeps sugar cookies decorated with sanding sugar.
white chocolate with jelly beans and gummy bears
Delicious jelly bean bark made with white chocolate.
a cupcake with yellow frosting and candies in the shape of a bunny
Jelly bean cupcake.
an assortment of chocolate candies in the shape of animals, eggs and other things
Fancy box with Easter candy.
an orange cupcake with grass growing out of it
Carrot cupcake.
two rubber ducks sitting on top of each other in front of flowers and leaves with hearts
Baby chicks.
an egg holder is sitting next to a bunny figurine
Chocolate bunny egg holder.
three carrots are made out of sugar and frosting with green leaves on top
Carrot cookies
four plastic carrots and some kind of fake food
Chocolate Easter Pretzels.
a cake that is shaped like a house with rabbits in the window and flowers around it
Chocolate Bunny Hut
a yellow cake with a flower in the shape of a chick
Chicky Cupcake
there are many different colored candies in the bowl together and one has a flower on it
Easter linzer tart cookies
there are many different types of toys on the table together and one is pink, blue, green, yellow
Easter chocolate eggs, bunnies and peeps.
an easter cake with bunny, chick, and chicks on it's top layer
Easter cookie display.
three different colored balls with bows on them
Easter sugar eggs.
there is a cake made to look like a yellow bird
Peep Cake.
a pink bunny face surrounded by gummy candies on top of a purple circle
11" bunny peep cookie.
two clay potted plants with carrots and leaves on them, one has a sign that says peas
Peas and carrots. Mini cakes.
a basket filled with lots of fake food
Easter cake pops.
an assortment of decorated cookies on display in front of a box with plastic wrappers
Easter egg cookies.
a close up of a cupcake with bunny ears on it
Bunny cupcake.