Easter Candy and Cake idea's

Sweet ideas for your Easter
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a cake decorated with easter decorations and chocolate bunny, eggs, flowers, and other candies
Chocolate lollipops.
a bunch of fake carrots that are decorated like animals and people with candy on them
Molded chocolate pretzels.
there is a cake decorated with easter eggs
Chocolate basket.
a pink cupcake with blue frosting and bunny ears on top is sitting on some glitter
Bunny ears cupcake.
there are many cupcakes and cakes on the table
Peeps cupcakes and cake.
a chocolate bunny sitting on top of a purple sheet
Traditional dark chocolate 3-D bunny
an easter bunny sitting in a basket with eggs and flowers on it's side
3-D white chocolate bunny with tulips.
four colorful candy lollipops with leaves on them
Chocolate bunny ears.
a chocolate bunny with carrots in it's mouth
3-D chocolate bunny with carrots.
a chocolate bunny driving a tractor with a bow on it's head in the shape of a rabbit
3-D bunny on tractor.
a white ceramic sheep with a pink bow around its neck on a purple background that says candylandcrafts com
3-D white chocolate lamb.
a chocolate chicken with a bow on it's head
four decorated cookies in a box with bunny and rabbit faces
Chocolate Oreo cookies and chocolate bunny faces in a fancy box.
a cake with lots of different types of candies and decorations on top of it
Assorted Easter chocolate lollipops