Fondant and gum paste tools

Supplies for decorating with fondant and gum paste.
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cupcake cutters with the words circus cut out in front of them and an image of
Ribbons and Banner fondant cutters. A fun set.
a green and white cake with a flower on top
Chevron cutter for fondant, gum paste, cookies and more.
an image of a cookie mold that looks like it is made out of fondant
Flora design fondant silicone mold designed by Colette peters.
some pink and yellow letters are next to each other on a table with the words spelled out
Alphabet embossers designed by Autumn Carpenter.
three trays filled with food on top of a white table
Wavy flower drying rack. perfect for giving your gum paste flowers and leaves a realistic look..
the instructions for how to make an ornament with candylandcrafts com
Teardrop accent cutter set. Create stunning designs with this set. Designed by Marina Sousa.
the cake is decorated with pink and white icing, and has flowers on it
Peony cutter designed by Colette Peters.
the cake is decorated with fondant and has a starfish on it, along with an ocean theme
Sweet Elite Modeling Tools
Wave making tool for fondant, gum paste, modeling chocolate and more.
two pictures of different shapes and sizes of chocolate molds, one with spiral designs on it
Sweet Elite Silicone Fondant & Gumpaste Molds
Silicone rose mold for fondant, gum paste, chocolate and more. Designed by Colette Peters.
there are four different types of cakes on this page, one is pink and the other is blue
Sweet Elite Texture Mats for Creating Perfect Masterpieces
Chevron impression mats. Designed by Lauren Kitchens.