Graduation idea's

Idea's for cakes, cookies, cupcakes and more.
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an open book shaped cake sitting on top of a red tray next to a baking pan
Two mix book cake pan. Serves approx. 30. Decorated for graduation.
three decorated cupcakes sitting on top of a table
Cupcakes with chocolate "Class of 2014" pieces.
an orange and black graduation hat on top of a stick with streamers around it
Graduation cap lollipops. Make them in the colors of your school.
a graduation cap and tassel in a cake pan with a tag on the side
Graduation cap cake pan for baking fantastic cakes. Decorate in the colors of your school.
cupcake wrappers and picks for a graduation party
Graduation cupcake wraps and picks.
an orange cake topper with the number one on it and some candy sticks sticking out of it
Chocolate lollipops for 2015 graduates.