Summer Treats

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four chocolate covered strawberries in a red box with white stripes and green leaves on top
Chocolate covered strawberries in a box designed for chocolate covered strawberries.
an image of different types of cookies and pastries
Sandwich cookie candy molds to make flowers.
the cookie cutters are designed to look like flower pots
Decorated garden party cookies mage from cookie cutters.
there are three cupcakes on top of each other in a vase with paper flowers
Cake pop flowers displayed in paper pot.
three different types of plastic butterflies on a yellow and purple background with words describing spring has sprung
3-D chocolate butterflys
there are shells and seashells on this cookie
Down By The Sea
Candyland Crafts Blog: Down By The Sea
there is a cake decorated with an octopus and other sea animals on the bottom layer
Cake decorated with cute sea creature chocolates.
two clay potted plants with carrots and leaves on them, one has a sign that says peas
Planting Chocolate Veggies
Candyland Crafts Blog: Planting Chocolate Veggies
an assortment of sea animals on sticks with the words candyland crafts com written below
Making Cute Sea Creatures in Colors.
Candyland Crafts Blog: Making Cute Sea Creatures in Colors.
four pairs of flip flops made out of fondant and decorated with flower decorations
Flip Flop Cookies
Candyland Crafts Blog: Flip Flop Cookies