Valentine's Sweet Treats

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two heart shaped candies sitting next to each other on a pink surface with white chocolate hearts
Chocolate pour box filled with jelly belly beans.
candy lollipops with hearts on them are ready to be cut and decorated
Chocolate pops and cake pops.
there are hearts, lips, and a pen on the white background with words candylandcrafts com
Write on hearts with edible marker.
two cupcakes decorated with fondant mustaches and hearts
valentine's day cupcakes and hearts shaped chocolate moulder mold
Conversation Hearts. Silicone pan.
valentine's day cake with lots of heart shaped candies and lollipops
Valentine's Day Lollipops
a heart shaped lollipop sitting on top of pink tissue paper with red and white paint
Painted Chocolate heart lollipop.
a cake shaped like a key with a heart on it
The key to my heart chocolate lollipop.
a heart shaped tic - tacquet with pink and white frosting
Tic-tac-toe cookie.
two cupcakes with frosting and icing on them, one is shaped like an owl
Mini heart cakes in paper pans.
a red rose with green leaves on it sitting on some glittery paper and next to a wooden stick
Chocolate rose pretzel.
two small boxes with hearts on them and ribbons tied to the top, one is filled with chocolate
Chocolate covered apples with sprinkles.
two heart shaped cupcakes on top of each other
Molded crispy treats.