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an assortment of felt owls hanging from a tree
Felt owls - kids love these things. I'm ready for armadillos, getting tired of owls.
gingerbread houses decorated with pom - poms on a white surface, surrounded by other decorations
gingerbread houses
little felt gingerbread houses!
several different pictures of small stuffed animals hanging from strings and in the palm of someone's hand
Free Pattern - Little Lark Lavender Sachet
Gingermelon Dolls: Free Pattern - Little Lark Lavender Sachet
five felt owls sitting next to each other on a table
Felt Owl Skinny Headband - Etsy
Felt owls on Etsy by MyLittlePixies. Now clips or headbands. Super cute.
a cat that is sitting next to a computer keyboard with the caption whatcha doin?
Must see! – Most Viewed Funny Cat Pictures
this is muffin when i'm pinning - lol