Identity sculpture

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a hand holding a stick that has been tied to it
Side Grip Incense Stick Holder - Women’s Romantic & Fantasy Inspired Fashions
hand gestures and fingers in different positions
Black and white cartoon hands set vector image on VectorStock
a drawing of a hand reaching out to touch something with it's left arm
Drawings by WanJin Gim Capture the Nuanced Energy of Seemingly Simple Gestures — Colossal
a white human hand holding a wooden stick
Décor & Gifts & Romantic Inspired Fashions | Shop Décor & Gifts Today
a white ceramic hand holding a stick on top of it's palm and thumb
Astier de Villatte Serena Incense Holder - Maison K
a table topped with plates and bowls filled with flowers
Cute Incense Holder Handmade Ceramic Bowl Set 3pcs Tea Light - Etsy
a ceramic frog sitting on top of a leaf shaped plate with two eyes in the center
NAGU 100% Handmade Ceramic Stick Incense Burner Holder,Small Frog Incense,Lotus Leaf Tray,Mini Cute Animal Statue Home Incense Burner