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a birthday card with blue balloons and a handwritten message to someone who is happy
a figurine of two people hugging each other
Creative One-Year Anniversary Gifts for a Boyfriend | ehow.com
a statue of two people hugging each other
someone is writing on a piece of paper with the words cuandoo hay que rise, hay que ires anque ago de tuera con ello
a quote written in spanish on white paper with the words,'vistame en mis sueros y cuentane como te ven el cielos
the sky is filled with stars and there is a message written in french on it
a car parked in front of a building with a tweet on it's windshield
a drawing of a dog with hearts around it
two people sitting on the ground hugging each other
a dog with its head on the back of it's owner, who is talking to
¿Explícame cómo te quiero tanto? Ilustración: Karen Castilla #PetsWorldMagazine #RevistaDeMascotas #Panama #Mascotas #MascotasPanama #PetsMagazine #Pet #PetLover #Love
a dog catching a frisbee in the air with it's mouth open