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a painting of a person floating in the water with rocks and mountains in the background
Henri Manguin’s enigmatic “La Natade Cavaliere,” 1906
a painting of a building with many windows
Journal of a Nobody
peira: Charles Burchfield: House of Mystery (1924) via Varysymbol
an abstract painting of a castle in the sky
Journal of a Nobody
iamjapanese: Alexey Terenin(Russian, b.1969) Journey
a woman in a long dress is walking through an old building with arched doorways
The Tudors Costumes : Anne Boleyn
three men in black suits and hats looking at the sky with crescent moon phases above them
The Mysteries of the Horizon
The Mysteries of the Horizon,1955 Magritte.
a man standing in a field looking at the moon
sammy slabbinnck
an old book with writing on it and a drawing of a circle in the middle
My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning: Photo
Tibetan Depiction of Agharta/Inner Earth. There are many “entrances” to the ‘Inner Earth: in South America, in Russia, in China, etc.
a man standing on top of a hill next to the ocean with birds flying overhead
janini (Zhana Topchieva) - professional photographer
madaeli26: Welcoming by Janini
an old abandoned building in the woods
An ancient grave in the misty forest (Mausoleo del Marchese Edoardo Cahen a Torre Alfina VT)
An ancient grave in the misty Luigi Mancini
two people standing on a ledge looking at the sky
Indigo Dreams: Photo
fleshandthedevil: “Down The River" (1937) by Clarence H. Carter (1904-2000) Courtesy of The Jonathan Boos Gallery
the shadow of a person standing at the top of some stairs
a painting of a woman looking at herself in the mirror with another woman standing behind her
The Black Mirror | Art UK
The Black Mirror by William Nicholson
two people in a row boat on a lake under a dark sky with the moon shining
Indigo Dreams
Indigo Dreams
a drawing of two people sitting at a table
Kathe Kollwitz, “Conspiracy"
a painting of a person looking out the window at another person standing in front of them
Eyolf Soot, 1885
two people standing in the middle of a forest
The Long Journey, by Caras Ionut
a blue couch sitting under a window next to a table with a chandelier
dark and moody - KETTNER'S
a man walking down a street in the middle of a city at night with a full moon
London street by nkabuto
three women with birds flying over them
Indigo Dreams
treasurefield: hazel-motes: Andrey Remnev - Celestial Bodies (2008)
a man walking down a dark alley way with a cane and top hat in his hand
Indigo Dreams
under-the-stairs: One night in white-chapel by ~aenigmas
a woman in a long red dress standing in the middle of a foggy field
Haunting, mysterious...
a black and white photo of a woman in a long dress standing in the woods
Vintage Photo by slight-art-obsession on DeviantArt
two people sitting at a table in the woods
Journal of a Nobody
The Sacrifice, by Tarkovsky. The mystery lies in the title. What is the sacrifice?
an open door leading into a room with mountains in the background
Journal of a Nobody
darksilenceinsuburbia: John Register. Wasteland Hotel, 1990. Silkscreen
two people standing on the side of a road under a cloudy sky with clouds above them
Journal of a Nobody
Curas II by Clara Gangutia (Spanish, b. 1952)
an old house surrounded by trees and fog
Journal of a Nobody
I will not return in that house … By: Roberto Carnevali. That title increases the mystery.
an oil painting of a woman with a black hat and white scarf on her head
My Ear-Trumpet Has Been Struck By Lightning
snowce: attributed to Pietro Antonio Rotari (1707 - 1762), Portrait of a Young Girl Hiding Her Eyes
an old black and white photo of some stairs
Deborah Turbeville, The Staircase: Aurelia Weingarten in Commes des Garcons, Passage Vivienne, Paris, 1980