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an open drawer is shown in front of a brick wall
Integrated Lighting and Organization - Contemporary - Atlanta - by The Furniture Guild | Houzz
Integrated Lighting and Organization - contemporary - bathroom vanities and sink consoles - atlanta - by The Furniture Guild
a bathroom vanity with cabinets and drawers in it
vanity w/ laundry chute to basement
a bathroom with a sink, mirror and rug on the floor
installing a laundry chute
installing a laundry chute - Google Search
a drawing of the front end of a door with an external handle and side panel
best laurdry chute | Laundry Shoot Design
an ad for the laundry shoot with three different items in front of it, including two round
Inventive Homes
Laundry Chutes – Inventive Homes
a bathroom with a sink, toilet and bathtub that has a door open to reveal a litter box
Classic 1920's Black and White Bathroon - Traditional - Bathroom - Raleigh - by ISK Design Group | Houzz
laundry shoot in the bathroom. Need this for Dad as he change in the bathroom and leaves his clothes there
there is a towel rack on the wall next to the stairs in this hallway that leads up to the second floor
Old-fashioned house features we were wrong to abandon
Laundry Chute - If your bedroom is two floors up from the washer and dryer, you might want to resurrect another nearly forgotten feature of old homes: the laundry chute. If you'd like to construct your own, to ensure that your clothes are funneled smoothly, weld sheet metal together to create a ramp, or use lengths of extra-large PVC pipe to form a tube that ends in your laundry room.
an open cabinet with a wooden paddle in it's bottom compartment on the door
SOUTHERN FAMILY HOME - Tillman Long Interiors
Tillman Long Interiors - Laundry Chute! I've always wanted one! Will definitely have to have one in my future house. (:
a white bath tub sitting in a bathroom next to a wall mounted faucet
South Shore Decoration
South Shore Decorating Blog: What I Love Wednesday
the bathroom is clean and ready to be used by someone who likes it on their phone
Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger
Ideas To Make My Bathroom Bigger | Room Decor Ideas
a white bath tub sitting inside of a bathroom next to a wooden dresser and mirror
Reno Rumble: Week 2 house reveals - The Interiors Addict
Reno Rumble: Week 2 house reveals - The Interiors Addict