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two people sitting next to each other in front of a lake with mountains behind them
a drawing of a woman with long hair
The legend of Korra
a woman is jumping over rocks on fire
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a woman standing on top of a rock covered in fire
Venom of the Red Lotus by Si-Swe on DeviantArt
two women in bikinis are sitting on the edge of a swimming pool and one is wearing goggles
@krys_decker on Instagram: “"What are you doing, Korra?" "Nothing!" Before the month is over, there's still time for some Korrasami love =D #korrasami #korra…”
a painting of a woman with her arms behind her head and hands on her hips
@krys_decker on Instagram: “Between uniting everyone, and kicking some ass, (and you know, bending metal and stuff =D ), Kuvira can be quite sexy after practice! One…”
a woman is doing yoga in the middle of a swampy area with trees and water
@krys_decker on Instagram: “A small break from drawing tits and ass to make Korra. Loved the character in the series! It was really fun to make in a way for the…”
a drawing of a woman holding her hands up to her chest and looking at the camera
Korra, Bonnie Yang
a drawing of a woman with dark hair and an orange shirt, has the words thanks for 18000 above her head
Jinora by Noquelle on DeviantArt
a woman in blue and white is holding her hand out to the side while flying through the air
Legend of Korra Tribute by artofjosevega on DeviantArt
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Korra the Water Tribe Warrior | Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra
a woman in a blue top and brown skirt with her hands out to the side
Jason Canty's Tumblr Stuffs
two women sitting on a bench kissing each other with the sun setting in the background
root is alive
three women standing next to each other in front of a pink wall with hearts above them
kanae on Instagram: ““Baby, you set my ❤️ on 🔥” - Avatars to their Fire Nation forever girls, probably (though one more literally, swipe for full…”