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a kitchen with white cabinets and an island that has chairs around it, along with a potted plant on the counter
some shelves with plants and other items on them
20 Modern Farmhouse Shelf Styling Ideas » Lady Decluttered
wooden utensils and cutting boards sit on the kitchen counter next to a potted plant
#TargetStyle : @itsagibson
two wooden shelves filled with dishes and plants
Open oak shelving in a white kitchen with colored wine glasses, stacked books, eucalyptus, and decor are shown! Kitchen Shelf Decor Ideas, Open Shelf Kitchen Decor, Kitchen Shelves Decor Ideas, Kitchen Shelf Decor Display, Kitchen Open Shelving Decor, Kitchen Floating Shelves Decor, Open Shelving Kitchen Decor
Spring Kitchen: Open Shelving Decor
It is that time of year where I slowly, but surely, start switching my decor for the next season! Although I love the holidays, I also love adding some pops of color for spring. I was so excited when my older sister gave me these gorgeous Estelle Colored Wine Glasses for Christmas! I have two in the color Amber Smoke, two in the color Rose, and two in Blush Pink. I think they look perfect together!
the shelves in this kitchen are filled with plates and bowls, vases and candles
Kitchen Shelf Styling Tips (and budget finds!) - Jenna Sue Design
a white kitchen with marble counter tops and shelves on the wall above it is a potted plant next to a wooden cutting board
Short Kitchen Shelves With Modern Décor - Soul & Lane