Spiritual Witch Crafts

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Small Samhain Pentagrams by NebulaXcrafts 🌿🖤✨
Wood Pentagrams inspired by the Seasons by NebulaXcrafts 🌿💜✨
an assortment of sticks with different colored stones on them next to a cardboard box and some other items
Palo Santo & chakras
a box filled with lots of different types of flowers and fruit wrapped in twine
Smudge sticks 😋
Pressed flower candle tutorial
four different types of candy sticks with labels on them sitting on top of a wooden table
"Redefining Boundaries: Exploring the Artistry of [Artist's Name]"
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a witch's broom with the words diy magic, which reads, witch's broom
LOVE THIS easy mini witch's broom craft!
Want to make a whole collection to hang on my wall! I've made two so far and they come together in an evening. I'm OBSESSED.
Tiny Apothecary in a Walnut Shell
Put a tiny apothecary in a walnut shell! I show you how to make a tiny witch's kitchen including some diy mini books and scrolls, a tiny cauldron and spoon, and a collection of tiny bottles. • If you like witchy, tiny things, this is a project for YOU • Check out the full tutorial on my YouTube channel. Youtube[dot]com/@JaneSawyerMakes
CLAY IDEAS! How To Make a mini cauldron
Woodland Mystic | One of a Kind Mushroom Wall Hanging
Original Design | Handmade home decor sculpted from polymer clay and hand painted featuring quartz crystal tower, ammonite fossil, and driftwood