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a table with two different questions for students to use in the text box, which is also
Understanding By Design Template
Understanding by Design template Setting Instructional Outcomes Xayt5HqW
a bulletin board with pictures and magnets on it that reads light reflect, reflect
Interactive Word Walls: An Incredible Tool for Science
Teaching and Learning in Community: Interactive Word Walls: An Incredible Tool for Science
the text is displayed in black and white, with an orange border around it that says making text
Close Reading & the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts
Close Reading Guide for Annotation
a graphic worksheet with two different sections
Close Reading Article Review Questions For Any NonFiction Text
Close Reading Questions Any Text
the 8 pdf tools teachers will fall in love with
8 PDF Tools Teachers Will Fall in Love With
PDF Tools Teachers Will Love
a person holding several blue tickets with the words exit ticket propps on them in front of a table
Ring o' Prompts
Teaching Statistics: Ring o' Prompts
a close up of a book on top of a pile of books with the title taking a closer look at close reading
Understanding Close Reading: Part 1 - What is Close Reading? - In the Classroom with Kristine Nannini
Understanding Close Reading: Part 1 - What is Close Reading?- Young Teacher Love by Kristine Nannini
someone is writing on paper with the words 5 concrete ideas for teaching students how to annotate text
Annotate the Text: 5 Concrete ideas for teaching text annotation
an open book with the words close reading on it
Boosting Reading Comprehension with Close Reading
The latest teaching buzz: Close Reading - Performing in Education
an info sheet with several different types of information on the front and back of it
Homepage - Educators Technology
Close reading tips
an image of rocks and materials earth science notebook
Rocks and Minerals Interactive Notebook
The Earth Science Interactive Notebook: Rocks and Minerals chapter showcase student’s ability to: •Explain how minerals are identified •Explain how minerals form from magma and solutions •Identify and describe the three major groups of rocks •Describe the rock cycle •Describe how sedimentary rocks are formed