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Процесс создания гербария в стекле в латунной рамке
various plants and leaves are arranged on a white background, including green grass, ferns,
broken box
a hand is holding up a framed painting with flowers and leaves on it in front of a map
Orange Cosmos Arrangement
I've flattened & arranged some orange and yellow cosmos from spring 2023 in PA, they're sitting on top of some ferns from Rocky Ridge. The rustic flowers are on a white background, and the frame is a deep brown walnut shade wood
an illustration of various flowers and leaves on a white background with the words, wildflowers
a painting of white flowers on a blue background
Finally, a truly comfortable solution
Finally, a truly comfortable solution
DIY jute bowl
by shellychicboutique
white water lilies and green leaves in a brown framed art print by artist michael miller
two black paintings with flowers and leaves painted on the same piece of paper, one in different colors
Botanical art