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Anna-Lisa and Danielle 2 Wood Print by Jonathan Gladding
an image of children playing with kites in the street
GreatBigCanvas "Double Dutch" by Phyllis Stephens Canvas Wall Art, Multi-Color
an illustration of three girls playing with a hoop on the street in front of a building
Springseil - Etsy.de
a painting of a person laying on the ground with a book in their hand and one arm up above his head
Vashti Harrison (@VashtiHarrison) / X
two women sitting on a green bench next to each other in front of a subway car
Painting by Max Ginsburg. Used as cover illustration for  ”THE FRIENDS” by Rosa Guy.
a painting of a girl leaning against a wall
Mary Whyte
an image of three people with the caption when someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love
Linda Brown You Are Not Alone Poster by Curtis James
a woman kneeling down next to a child on the floor with blue paint all over it
Undergoing Maintenance
a watercolor painting with the words let me love you a little more before you're
Let Me Love You a Little More, Before You’re Not Little Anymore – 5 Ways to Cherish Your Child Right Now - Her View From Home
I always tell my son this..they grow up and then they don't want to be hugged or kissed.
a painting of two women sitting on a couch with one holding a cup and the other looking at something in front of her
a blue poster with the words 15 life skills kids need before leaving home
16 Life Skills Your Kids Will Need Before They Leave Home
This list is priceless! Help kids thrive by teaching them these fifteen essential life skills. Nothing builds confidence more than the ability to be self-sufficient. Click to read more about these life skills for kids and download my free printable. #lifeskillsforkids
a drawing of a smiling man with water on his face
50 Realistic Pencil Drawings and Drawing Ideas for Beginners
Realistic Colored Pencil Drawings | 30 Realistic Pencil Drawings and Drawing Tips for Beginners