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how to transfer images to fabric the easy way
Image Transfer to Fabric - The Quick & Easy Way! - The Navage Patch
Image Transfer to Fabric | How to transfer printed image to fabric | Step-by-step heat transfer tutorial | Iron on image transfer |
a christmas tree made out of buttons on a white background with snowflakes and swirls
Button Art - Mais inspirações com botões!
lots of button art
the cover of 40 fabric scrap projects, including purses and keychain holders
49 Fabric Scrap Crafts Ideas for Leftover Material
Cool Crafts You Can Make With Fabric Scraps - Creative DIY Sewing Projects and Things to Do With Leftover Fabric and Even Old Clothes That Are Too Small - Ideas, Tutorials and Patterns
a kitchen island on wheels in a living room
Set Design
Love this idea! Take two IKEA Expedit bookcases, frame in MDF, paint, attach casters, and bolt some stained 2x10’s to the top. Designed by the amazing Justine Taylor.
two pictures hanging on the wall with words above them that say love and a boat
Transfer photos to wood. Easy step by step craft I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS!!!:) and am going to try it out!
a mason jar with flowers and fairy lights in it
Fairy Lantern with Tutorial
Fairy Lanterns with Tutorial - Nichola Battilana
the process of making an art project is being performed
Transferring A Photo Onto Wood: A Tutorial
Transfer a picture onto wood! Easy to follow tutorial!
the instructions for how to make an origami photo album with pictures and text
Transfer Pictures to Wood or Canvas